Pilates Fit Life, founded by Donna McKenna, is different! Our Reformer/Tower Group Classes never have more than six people training, so we can provide semi-private, customized sessions that meet our members' individual needs! We also offer one on one/private sessions as well as providing additional fitness services.

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In the News, Huntington Bay Stroll Magazine, September 2023

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In the News, Cold Spring Harbor Magazine, September 2023

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    PilatesFItLife is a wonderful studio. I’ve been attending classes for about 7 months and have seen a noticeable and positive change in my body and fitness level. I’ve also improved my posture and energy level. Donna is an absolutely amazing and caring teacher. Her classes are exceptional! They are well planned, challenging, and always new and changing. In fact, I’m enjoying classes with the entire fabulous team at PilatesFitLife!

    Annette F.

    PilatesFitLife is exactly what I was looking for in a studio! As a beginner, the attention to detail and level of personal instruction allows met get maximum benefit. Welcoming environment, quality workout! I'm hooked on PilatesFitLife!

    JILL M.

    I started attending classes regularly one year ago and it has truly changed my life. The pain of arthritis was becoming a problem. But not anymore. Classes with Donna and her team have helped me tremendously. Pain is gone and I’ve never felt better. Pretty amazing. I am so happy that I’ve made Pilates with Donna part of my daily routine.

    DIANE C.

    I've been coming to PilatesFitLife for three years. I originally came as a means to assist in rehabbing a torn hamstring, but along the way realized another benefit of Pilates. I had been told that I was losing inches. In fact, i was 1 inch and 1/2 shorter! Well no more! I've restored 1 inch and 1/4 and am thrilled with the improvements to my posture, joint health, and my hamstring and body feel great! Thanks Donna and PilatesFitLife!


    I started Pilates a few years ago and discovered that it has increased my flexibility and strength significantly. After an annual visit to my orthopedic surgeon he complimented my overall success in improving the function of my two hip replacements. There is much to be gained in this wonderful activity.

    BARRY G.