Pilates Fit Life, founded by Donna McKenna, is different! Our Reformer/Tower Group Classes never have more than six people training, so we can provide semi-private, customized sessions that meet our members' individual needs! We also offer one on one/private sessions as well as providing additional fitness services.

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    I've been coming to PilatesFitLife for three years. I originally came as a means to assist in rehabbing a torn hamstring, but along the way realized another benefit of Pilates. I had been told that I was losing inches. In fact, i was 1 inch and 1/2 shorter! Well no more! I've restored 1 inch and 1/4 and am thrilled with the improvements to my posture, joint health, and my hamstring and body feel great! Thanks Donna and PilatesFitLife!


    I started Pilates a few years ago and discovered that it has increased my flexibility and strength significantly. After an annual visit to my orthopedic surgeon he complimented my overall success in improving the function of my two hip replacements. There is much to be gained in this wonderful activity.

    BARRY G.

    I cannot say enough about Pilates Fit Life! Donna is an incredible wealth of knowledge about fitness. As we are performing the exercises she is always sure to let you know which part of the body you are working and why. The classes are challenging yet completely safe as modifications are always offered to suit individual needs. Donna keeps the choreography creative so we are always trying something new which keeps the workout fresh and exciting each time. I feel as though she targets all the muscle groups in each class ensuring a full body workout. The atmosphere at the studio is very welcoming and soothing. In these uncertain times what I truly appreciate most is Donna’s attention to keeping the environment and equipment sanitized. I feel safe at Pilates Fit Life because I know both Donna and all of my fellow clients are truly committed to keeping the studio clean so that we all may continue to enjoy coming to class.

    JANNA D.

    "So happy to have found Pilates Fit Life By Donna, It has helped me in so many ways. It's been great for my mental health, as it's given me a wonderful space where I can go & forget about the current state of the world. It also has allowed me the opportunity to get to know others in my community & feed that sense of connection we all need (especially now). I feel extremely safe under Donna's watchful eye as I am rehabilitating a knee injury. I highly recommend Donna's classes to anyone who is interested in getting into better physical shape, needing a mental escape from life, or looking to make new friends. "

    Tracey M.

    "Having worked out for many years with personal trainers and group spin classes, I decided to try Pilates when encouraged to by a good friend. That was the BEST decision I have made for keeping fit, feeling great with renewed energy, strength and endurance. Donna is by far the most thorough Trainor and expert in her field. Classes are challenging , innovative, and most of all enjoyable. Donna’s attention to our correct form and procedures is refreshing as well her recognition to our needs to remain injury free !! Hoping to continue my Pilates classes weekly 3 to 4 times a week as long as possible!!!"

    Nancy M.