Pilates Fit Life, founded by Donna McKenna, is different! Our Reformer/Tower Group Classes never have more than six people training, so we can provide semi-private, customized sessions that meet our members' individual needs! We also offer one on one/private sessions as well as providing additional fitness services.



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3 Tips to Hack your Hormones to Support Your Weight Loss Goals

By: Jillian Genovese MS, RD, founder of A Full Plate Nutrition, Inc. For healthy tips and wellness bliss, follow Jillian on Instagram @afullplatenutrition. To learn more about her and her nutrition services, please visit www.afullplatenutrition.com Too often I see and hear of women hitting wall after wall in their effort to lose weight. This is usually a result of the traditional dieting approach:...

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How to Have a Healthy Holiday and Still Enjoy Yourself

By: Jillian Genovese MS, RD from A Full Plate Nutrition, Inc. For more wellness tips and healthy recipes, follow Jillian on Instagram @afullplatenutrition. For details and pricing regarding her services please visit www.afullplatenutrition.com. If you are interested in working with Jillian, please email jillian.rd@afullplatenutrition.com or mmck1@optonline.net The holidays are notorious for extra indulgences, bigger portions, and drinking, making it harder to stay on a healthy track....

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Top 5 Nutrition Tips to Jump Start Your Weight Loss Journey

Written By: Jillian Genovese MS, RD Founder of A Full Plate Nutrition, Inc. October 2021 Weight loss doesn’t have to mean restrictive diets with a set of strict rules and guidelines. You also don’t have to cut out entire food groups, like carbs, to achieve success. If weight loss is your goal, keep it simple. Don’t overwhelm yourself by setting the expectation that you...